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Butcher vs. Grocer

There are a lot of ways this conversation could go awry. It is not our intention to criticize any other operation. It is our intention, like any small business, to call attention to the fact that we bring a lot to the table that bigger stores just can not.

We are able to focus on one or two areas of expertise while a grocer has a greater scope of products they must carry. Because we can focus solely on the butcher’s art, we are able to offer premium cuts, higher quality everyday meats and be much more selective about the products we bring in.

Our butchers are highly skilled and have specialized training. We maintain our equipment with zeal, preserving a level of cleanliness that no chain grocer could ever hope to maintain. Without a doubt, when you visit , you will be impressed not only by our high standards, but also by the friendliness of our staff. We look forward to meeting you all!